Alan Metzger Artist

Alan is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has worked in the art and advertising profession most of his life and his work has been recognized for excellence in art contests and in the Addy awards. He grew up in Pittsburgh PA, lived in Shreveport LA for many years before moving to South Florida in 1984. Alan now devotes all his time to his painting and currently works in acrylics and oil, as his technique and style continues to evolve.

In Nov. 2013 Alan entered the International Polo Club of Palm Beach 2014 Commemorative Poster Competition. His winning entry entitled 'Polo Rumble' gives a unique impressionistic view of polo.  This international recognition has motivated him to add more equestrian works to his portfolio.

Alan's work has been shown in Artist's Faire Fine Art, Tarpon Springs, FL,  St Pete Art Works, St Petersburg,  FL and two galleries in South Carolina.  Spencer's Gallery in Charleston and Thibault Gallery in Beaufort.  

Alan has made several humanitarian trips to third world countries. Twice to Haiti,  before and after the earthquake.  And a visit to the impoverished areas of Jamaica, and physically helped a team build a house for a destitute family in one day.

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